Solomon Islands Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Solomon Islands in 2024
Welcome to Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

In terms of stunning natural scenery, vibrant cultures, and welcoming locals, each of the more than 900 islands that make up this magnificent archipelago is different. The Solomon Islands are a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, offering beautiful beaches, coral reefs rich with marine life, lush jungles, and fascinating cultural traditions.

Document checklist for Solomon Islands

  • Valid passport
  • A valid visa
  • Return Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Itinerary and Accommodation Details

Essential Solomon Islands travel information

Currency – The Solomon Islands dollar (SBD) serves as the national currency of the Solomon Islands.

Daily budget for one person:  $300

Languages: The Solomon Islands’ official language is English.

Socket type – In the Solomon Islands, Type I sockets are in use. The usual frequency is 50 Hz, and the voltage ranges from 220-240 volts.

Time zone – Solomon Islands Time (SBT). (UTC+11)

The top 3 cities/islands to visit are Honiara, Auki, Gizo

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Guadalcanal American Memorial, Skull Island, Tenaru Falls

Visa information for the Solomon Islands

Before visiting the Solomon Islands, Indian nationals need to get a visa. Unfortunately, for Indian visitors, there is no visa-on-arrival option.

Typical costs and budget for the Solomon Islands

Daily spending – $300 per person.

Meals – $20 and USD 40 per meal

Transport: $60 to USD 100 per day, depending on how you want to move.

Hotel: $80 and USD 150 per night.

Travel options in the Solomon Islands and the finest modes of transportation

Given the size and number of islands that make up the Solomon Islands, boats and ferries play a significant role in transportation, especially when traveling between islands. Regular boat services link the different islands, and private boats may be rented for island hopping or exploring off-the-beaten-path areas.

Particularly in more distant places, traditional canoes, and outriggers are still utilized for transportation. These wooden boats offer a distinctive and genuine experience that lets you take your time exploring little islands or coastal areas.

In Honiara and certain other significant areas, taxis and minibusses are readily accessible. They provide a practical means to move around the city or access surrounding locations. However, it is wise to haggle over the fee before setting out on the voyage.

Additionally, there are automobile rental companies that provide vehicles for self-driving. However, outside of the city, the state of the roads may differ, so it’s crucial to research the situation and make appropriate plans.

Safety in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are usually seen to be secure for tourists, but like with any location, it’s crucial to take basic safety measures. Here are a few pointers for being secure while visiting the Solomon Islands:

Check the most recent travel warnings before you depart, and keep up with the most recent developments in the nation.

Respecting regional customs, traditions, and beliefs is crucial since the Solomon Islands have a rich cultural past. Be respectful to local etiquette, dress modestly, and ask permission before taking pictures of individuals.

Like any metropolitan region, the Solomon Islands has low overall crime rates, but petty stealing, pickpocketing, and other opportunistic crimes are more likely to occur. Therefore, consider taking security measures for your valuables, concealing considerable sums of cash, and being mindful of your surroundings.

Weather in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands’ tropical climate features high humidity levels and year-round consistency in temperature. As a result, the weather usually is warm and humid, with daily highs between 24°C and 30°C.

There are two different seasons on the islands: the wet season and the dry season. Heavy rainfall and sporadic tropical storms are characteristics of the wet season. High humidity and frequent downpours are possible during this period on the islands. During the dry season(May through October), there is frequently less humidity and more sunlight.

Must do and see in the Solomon Islands

Discover Honiara: Begin your adventure at the nation’s capital, Honiara. First, discover the depth of the nation’s cultural legacy by visiting the National Museum and Cultural Center. Then, enjoy some delectable local fare while strolling around the Honiara Central Market.

Dive on coral reefs: The Solomon Islands are recognized for their outstanding diving and snorkeling possibilities. Discover the vibrant coral reefs, underwater caverns, and shipwrecks, particularly those close to well-known diving locations like Marovo Lagoon, Russell Islands, and Uepi Island.

Visit WWII Historical places: There are several historical sites to visit in the Solomon Islands, which played an influential part in the Second World War. The American Memorial on Guadalcanal and the Honiara War Memorial are particularly significant landmarks.

Typical Solomon Islands food to try

The famous cuisine Kokoda is created with raw fish marinated in coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and lime or lemon juice. Fish gets a delightful taste from the acid in citrus juice, which “cooks” it.

The Solomon Islands’ national dish is called poi, and it is created from cooked and mashed root vegetables like taro, yam, or cassava. Its thick consistency generally goes with main dishes as a side dish.

Taro is a staple food in the Solomon Islands and is prepared in several ways. You may boil, roast, or grind it into flour for baking bread or pudding. In addition, taro is frequently used as a side dish or as a component in stews and soups.

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A visa is necessary for all Indian passport holders to visit the Solomon Islands. For the Director of Immigration, the Border Control Unit of the Immigration Division is in charge of processing this category of visas.

Applications should be submitted three to one month before departure.

A visitor with a valid visa can stay in the Solomon Islands for three months on any one trip. This is because it has an option with a single entry.

A single-entry visa only allows the bearer to enter and exit the Solomon Islands once, but a multiple-entry visa allows repeated entries.

The typical processing time for visa applications is 15 working days.

You may apply for the visa with us, and we’ll stamp it on your passport.