Sri Lanka Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Sri Lanka in 2024
Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is among the most renowned islands that will give you adventurous visits in the Southeast Asia Indian Ocean. With its outstanding biodiversity, the island nations boast natural beauties, special sporting activities, and mouthwatering delicacies. Our ultimate guide will give you a deeper insight into establishing and attaining a better traveling experience. Let’s dive to enjoy this guide.

Document checklist for Sri Lanka

Valid Sri Lanka visa

Digital passport-style photo

Valid passport (at least six months after the stay period)

Essential Sri Lanka travel information

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (Rs.). $1 is equivalent to Rs.363.

Daily budget per person: An average daily budget of Rp.18,000 ($50).

Languages: Sinhala and Tamil.

Top 3 cities to visit: Anuradhapura, Colombo and Galle.

The top 3 landmarks/monuments are Sigiriya, Jetavanaramaya, and the Yala National Park.

Socket type: 230V supply voltage and 50Hz and types D and G.

Time zone: Indian Standard Time: ET +9.5.

Typical costs and budget for Sri Lanka

The stand-out factor for Sri Lanka is its affordability in terms of food, travel, and other general expenses. Here is a breakdown of the expenses you should incur while in Sri Lanka.

Daily spending: Rp.18000 ($50)/per person/per day on a budget vacation. This includes:

Meals – Rp.200 – Rp. 900 for an average meal.

Transport – Around Rp.190 as an average train ticket.

Hotel – Around Rp.3,000 – 3,500 for a mid-range double room.

Traveling around Sri Lanka

Traveling around Sri Lanka will always be easier for you. The island is relatively minor; therefore, you should expect coverage of shorter distances in popular locations. Even with the ease of traveling, you should expect occasional delays, which are common because of bumpy and narrower roads.

Usually, the ordinary means of transport in Sri Lanka include the bus and train. Such means of transport are easily affordable even on a strained budget. To be timelines and avoid occasional delays, you can always hire a car at an affordable rate. Tuk-tuks and taxis will also help you cover shorter distances around the town.

Safety in Sri Lanka

The safety and security of your destination are among the critical considerations to make when traveling to any country, and Sri Lanka isn’t an exception. It will help if you stay informed about the latest safety state or situation in any locality within Sri Lanka. You can always do that by checking for upcoming news and the government’s travel advice.

Violent and frequent criminal happenings are uncommon within Sri Lanka, but it’s essential to remain safe and stick to safety guidelines within any locality in Sri Lanka.

Understanding the different cultures and religions within Sri Lanka is also essential. Always respect other religions and cultures regardless of your own. Sometimes, they might be required to uphold their religion, and respecting them is critical.

Weather in Sri Lanka

The wet and dry season is typical in Sri Lanka due to the presence of the Indian Ocean. Therefore, always expect a tropical climate when visiting this country. Anticipate temperatures averaging 28°C in the coastal parts of the country. There are more temperate areas with averagely cool temperatures ranging from 160C to 200C.

Famous cities and towns in Sri Lanka

Colombo: Sri Lanka boasts an entire history in its capital, Colombo. Here, you can enjoy the deeper histories thanks to the typical historical attractions such as the Dutch Museum and the National History Museum.

Galle: Galle stands out as one of the unimaginable beauties of Sri Lanka. It boasts many churches, temples, and other historical structures like the Galle Fort.

Kandy: Sri Lanka boasts an excellent cultural setting thanks to Kandi, a cultural capital. The surrounding picturesque buildings and forested hills make it much more colorful.

Must do and see when you visit Sri Lanka

Yala National Park: For then, expect to enjoy the conservation of elephants within the Yala National Park. Here, you can enjoy fantastic views of leopards and even aquatic birds. Visit and enjoy the diverse wildlife in this park.

Anuradhapura: if you need to dive into ancient Sri Lanka, this place is worth your visit.

Sigiriya Climbing: climbing one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites is impressive. Climbing Sigiriya is just enjoyable.

Typical Sri Lankan food to try

Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry): The Sri Lankan people greatly influence the seafood culture and, therefore, have greater expectations of fish delicacies such as this fish meal.

Kottu: among the most loved Sri Lanka delicacies is Kottu. The meal is similar to fried rice, and it’s worth your try when you visit.

Kukul ma’s curry is one of the best chicken curries; you can always follow more straightforward steps when preparing it. It comes in various tastes, variations, and preferences.

Vaccine Information for Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, you will always require a yellow fever vaccination certificate and, therefore, the need for yellow fever vaccination.

Fun facts about Sri Lanka

  1. Another name used to refer to Sri Lanka is the ‘teardrop of India,’ which originates from its teardrop shape and being off the Indian Coast.
  2. Introduced in 1916, volleyball remains the national sport in Sri Lanka.
  3. Sri Lanka boasts over half of electricity generated by Hydropower.
  4. Anuradhapura boasts the oldest human-planted sacred fig tree, planted around 288 BCE.
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Indians can get short-term visas for Sri Lanka, including visit, tourist, transit, and business visas. Each visa serves a given purpose, just as their names suggest.

You can only apply for the Sri Lanka visa up to 30 days before your visit date.

You will get your processed Sri Lanka visa within 48 hours. However, it may take longer in seasons when traveling is at its peak.

You don’t need to stamp a passport on your visa as it is electronically linked with the passport number.

We will help you get a Sri Lanka visa quickly, just as it would be with other countries.