Sweden Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Sweden in 2024
Welcome to Sweden

Sweden is a Nordic country that shares coastlines with the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak. One is always left impressed after visiting Sweden. Its beautiful coastline, verdant parks, and rich cultural and historical heritage make Scandinavia an enticing holiday destination. 


Organising a trip to Sweden is always complex because of the country’s distinctive culture and practices. If you’re vacationing in Sweden, you should bring a detailed guide with all the necessary information. Here are some helpful recommendations to enhance the convenience of your trip to Sweden.

Checklist of Required Paperwork for Sweden

  • Passport
  • Valid Swedish Visa
  • Confirmed return ticket
  • The names and addresses of your friends, family, and business contacts in Sweden
  • Reservations at a confirmed hotel (if any)
  • Money is exchanged in Sweden and other foreign currencies.
  • A smartphone that can be unlocked, ideally with an Indian SIM card
  • If you’re going on a business Visa, you may need to bring additional documentation proving your trip’s commercial purpose.

Necessary supporting documents for Sweden Visa

If Employed:

You must show your recent three-month pay slips and a certificate bearing the company’s stamp indicating that the absence has been authorised.

If Self-Employed:

You will be required to show your company bank Statement: updated and marked with a bank symbol for the past six months; business evidence, including licenses, agreements, and partnership deeds; and company tax returns for the prior three years.

If Retired:

You will be required to show your pension journal, note, or other evidence of retirement.

A student visiting swedenNeed I.D. from a school, college, or other institution.

If Minor:

You must show your birth certificate, which displays both parents’ names. An authenticated consent letter; the other parent should legalise the permission document authorising travel if the kid travels with only one parent. A notarised note from both parents granting permission to travel if the kid is travelling alone or without either parent. Death Certificate: If either of your parents has died and your parents have documents for identification,

If a visiting friend or relative:

You must show your invitation letter describing the connection to the inviter, the reason for the visit, and an assurance that the invitee will be responsible for lodging and other costs in Sweden.

You would also require a utility receipt as proof of invitation.

If Sponsored:

You will be required to show your sponsorship letter: Provide the visitors’ names, the reason for their visit, their connection to the visitors, the duration of their stay, the times of their travel, and any other information, including I.D. proof for the invitee: Address identification cards, resident permits, utility bills, and your updated bank statements and salary stubs are acceptable forms of identification.

For Business Visa

You will be required to show your embassy introduction letter from the firm presenting the businessman seeking a visa and your invitation note from the Sweden-based local partner or prospective local partner business.

Budget and typical costs in Sweden

Daily per person: You will spend around KR 1211 (USD 117).

Meals – For meals, KR 353 (USD 34).

Transport – Local transportation costs around KR 198 (USD 19).

Hotel – For one person, it is around KR 737 (USD 71).

Notable Cities/Towns in Sweden


It is easy to see why the capital of a country spread across fourteen islands is often called “beauty on water” by its citizens. The old town of Stockholm is especially charming, thanks to its amazing blend of modern and classic buildings. Beautiful churches, a grand palace, and narrow lanes lined with cobblestones are hidden from view by a ring of water, creating a mystical experience for visitors.


Gothenburg’s maritime history and culture inform its laid-back atmosphere and endearing character. Numerous canals dating back to the 17th century crisscross the city, making for a beautiful stroll along the water’s edge. There are museums dedicated to the water and ships docked in the port.


Over 150 different nationalities are represented in Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmo. As a result, people have a positive and open attitude. Individuals worldwide have long impacted Malmo due to its location on the Baltic coast, proximity to Copenhagen, and availability of a wide variety of cuisines.

Must do and see in Sweden

Drottningholm Palace

If you only do one thing in Sweden this summer, make it an audio tour of the magnificent Drottningholm Palace. This is a very important location because it is the official residence of the King and Queen of the country.

Kalmar Castle

Every first-time visitor to Sweden should make a pilgrimage to the magnificent Kalmar Castle, which has a fascinating history dating back to the 12th century. Everything about this place is stunning, from the exterior to the interior.

Swedish food that you must try

Pickled herring

Pickled herring is a Swedish staple from when food had to be preserved through the colder months.

Onion herring, mustard herring, and soused herring are all common types. No matter the variety of herring on the menu, boiled potatoes, gräddfil (sour cream), and freshly chopped chives are standard accompaniments. 


Kroppkakor, which come in various forms nationwide, are large, substantial potato dumplings. Their names may also vary depending on the region of Sweden in which they are served.

Transportation and ways to travel around Sweden

Travelling by bus

Long-distance coach service between Swedish cities is typically slower than taking the railway but much less expensive. There is no centralised operator like there is with long-distance trains. Therefore, compare prices.

Travelling by train

It is possible to travel the length and width of Sweden by train; daily departures number in the neighbourhood of 1,500 from more than 400 stations. Almost all train tickets may be purchased through a single website because S.J. operates trains across a large portion of the country and is a vendor for most regional rail companies. Travelling by car

Even while you can navigate about most of Sweden without a car, having one allows you to go wherever the mood strikes you and stop whenever you choose. There are several automobile rental agencies to choose from in most locations, and big ones may be found near the airports.

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You can visit any other Schengen country, including Sweden, for up to 90 days with a Sweden Schengen visa.

Your visa sticker’s “Duration of visit” section will tell you when you can stay in Schengen. 

90 days is the standard time for a Schengen visa. You will only be granted a Schengen visa for the days specified in your confirmed trip plans.

Not all Schengen visas are valid for a full ninety days. The Schengen visa can only be issued for the number of days that match the dates of your confirmed trip plans.

Extending your stay in Sweden beyond the terms of your short-stay visa is prohibited and will be treated as a criminal offence unless exceptional circumstances apply.