How to avoid visa fraud when traveling: why does it matter today ?

Nowadays, as the world becomes more open to travel, a lot of people want to go abroad so that they can discover new environments and their loved ones who live outside borders. This escalated traveling is coupled with escalated visa fraud thereby trapping innocent travelers (Sharp 2019). It is vital for any person planning to go overseas, or within their country, to know how he or she will identify and stay away from such trickeries. Upward trend in visa fraud Visa frauds have burgeoned .Such scams occur when you are applying for a visa or e visa to travel to a different country, only to discover that you have given your details and paid money online to a fake and fraud website.

It is important to shun fake visas for ones traveling so as to be safe and not to struggle during one’s journey. In recent times when our globe has become a village due to enhanced movement from one country to another, stow thievery has equally gone up through obtaining visas falsely. Hence tourists must have their eyes wide open so as not to be caught napping. When people engage in visa fraud it can cause them many problems like money being lost; someone taking another person’s name which will result in cases at court. Such crooks normally come in the form of reputable visa agents thereby tricking unaware tourists who usually have been told that their applications would be processed faster than usual or that they would not be rejected no matter what happens. As a consequence one may fail to enter another country because there was no chance but to pay huge sums as penalties or even be removed from one place to another immediately destroying plans for travel along with bringing about anxiety.

Quick Facts to avoid this

  • Travel visa scams are becoming more common as travel restrictions ease worldwide.
  • Fake travel visa and/or e visa websites can be found for nearly every corner of the world
  • The best way to confirm the legitimacy of a site is to visit the official government website of the country of travel, which can be found out easily
  • Before travel, give yourself plenty of time to find visa requirements and make the application. Many callers to care were under time pressure when they made their applications to fraudulent sites.


Identifying Fake Websites

Fake travel visa websites Detective work needed to spot fake websites Just about every identified destination has a number of counterfeit travel visa websites, so it is crucial that you check the legitimacy of the one you are using. One of the best methods to ensure the legitimacy of a visa application website is by visiting a country’s official government site. When a government site has an address ending on gov it is most likely secure, while others like Canada’s ca or United Kingdom’s uk are equally helpful.Fake websites closely resembling official state portal pages complete with real looking logos and application forms are very common among swindlers.

Moreover these pages can also have telephone numbers where the operator pretends to be helping you along your visa application process. Some of them place search engine ads at the top positions which means they can easily trap hurried tourists on their way out.Travel visa scams are a big threat to people who travel, but you can avoid them if you are careful and keep yourself updated. Avoiding scams requires careful planning, doing extensive research, and a healthy dose of scepticism to offers that seem too good to be true.Starting the application of your visa at the earliest stage, you are able to confirm the truth of websites that handle it. Hence you will be able to reduce the chances of falling for tricks used by fraudsters who always try to rush you into making a decision.

Prevention – How can I avoid a travel visa scam?

  • Check the travel visa requirements using the country’s official government website, which can be found through DFAT or the NZ MFAT. These websites will usually also provide links to the legitimate travel visa or waiver application sites or forms. If in doubt, contact the embassy, consulate or country representative directly.
  • Before planning for travel visit the official government website for a list of countries and their visa requirements. The websites also have links to the authorised travel visa application forms or sites. For more info contact the embassy or consulate in your country.
  • Be careful of websites offering “cheap” or “fast” application processing. Visas and waivers are processed by the issuing government or their contracted service provider, so no external organization can offer to do this faster or more cheaply than the issuing authority.Watch out for online platforms which promise cheap and quick application processing. Visas and waivers are processed by the issuing government or their contracted service provider thus, no external entity can match the speed or cost of doing this with the issuing authority.
  • Most visa or waiver application sites operated by the country government you wish to travel to will end in .gov or .goThe majority of websites either requiring visa or offering a waiver for travelers run by the country’s government you are visiting would be finalized by having .gov or .go at the end of the URL .


Detection – To find out scams

To uncover scams is known as Detection. Some signs that you may have applied for a visa or waiver on a fake website are :

  • The visa/waiver approval would not come to you,you have to pay extra when you apply (for admission) to the organization
  • It is impossible to reach the company through their website, mailing address as well as any other specified means of communication.
  • The organization requires additional payment after you submit your application
  • The organization cannot be reached through the website, email address or other given contact details
  • The website no longer exists and/or their email address is no longer in use
  • You can not contact the organization via the web page, e-mail or other contact details provided
  • Either the home page is extinct or the email provided cannot be reached
  • If you are worried that the visa processing company you selected or waiver processor you have chosen might not be genuine, seek the embassy’s confirmation on whether they received your application.


Response ” Got yourself into the scam “–What to do now?

There is a risk that your passport may be used for identification purposes. You may wish to cancel your passport to reduce the risk. If you do not wish to cancel your passport, We recommend that you follow this steps :

  • Advise your banking and financial services of the compromise of your passport details and request additional security on your accounts.Inform your bank or financial institution about the breach of your passport details and ask for more security in your accounts.
  • Contact all Credit Reporting Agencies for your free credit reports and to arrange credit bans.Please contact every Credit Reporting Agency about your free credit report and also to arrange for freeze of credit Score at each agency.
  • Contact any other organizations that you have used your passport to confirm your identity. Inform them of the compromise and request extra security on these accounts.Make it a priority to get in touch with any other organization for which you have used your passport for identity verification purposes.
  • Tell them that there was a breach and ask them to amp up security on these accounts.If you gave out your credit card information then you can call your bank to ask for security upgrades on the card, block fraudulent transactions, or freeze it completely.While not guaranteed to attract attention from the authorities, reporting the con may help inform and protect your community from it’s consequences so please do not hesitate to report it…


Warning Signs of a Scam

  • There are numerous signs which may serve as indicators about whether or not an online visa site might be terming itself as real. The might come up with such urgency thereby pressuring you so much so that just to be on the safe side, it’s important for one to hurry up in carrying out the application process but even then there is a possibility that you might end up applying for a wrong visa because they want you to do it without wasting time.
  • Consider URLs that seem unusual or they have other words in them because this could help you stop them from pretending like they are real.
  • Always look out for websites using HTTPS; there’s no way in the world those which don’t have secure connections can be trustedMost times official websites are written professionally whereas on the other hand, scam sites may have some obvious mistakes.
  • Non-standard payment methods like Western Union or money orders need to put you on the alert when you come across such sites


Importance of Planning Ahead

  • Travelers fall for visa scams because they are always in a hurry. Consequently, in case someone discovers that they require a visa at the last minute, they may never check the authenticity of the website they are using thoroughly.
  • It is important to start the visa application process way before you intend to travel in order to prevent this. Hence, look at your destination’s visa requirements the moment you start planning for a trip.
  • This includes understanding the type of visa needed, the application process, fees, and processing times. It is a simple way for them to steal other people’s work.Travel visa scams are a big threat to people who travel, but you can avoid them if you are careful and keep yourself updated.
  • Avoiding scams requires careful planning, doing extensive research, and a healthy dose of skepticism to offers that seem too good to be true.Starting the application of your visa at the earliest stage, you are able to confirm the truth of websites that handle it.


Steps to Take If You’ve Been Scammed

  • Here is the less confused and more human-like version of this text without the loss of HTML elements or the word count.\n”If you are scammed, take prompt action: Contact Your Bank: Inform the bank or credit card company about what has happened. They might reverse those charges for you and even stop any more unauthorized dealings from taking place.
  • Report The Fraud: Let your local consumer protection agency as well as the visa’s country government know about the issue.Always keep your bank and credit card statements under a close radar for any other unauthorized charge you should always ensure you use websites from relevant governments or any other credible platform after checking its safety measures and how formal it appears then watch out for any strange payment requests made.If you do actually fall into a scam, immediate action can limit the damage.
  • Call your bank, report the fraud to law enforcement agencies, track your accounts, and protect your private information.With the increase in travel, knowledge and education concerning scams related to travel visas are now more essential. We can create a safe travel environment for everyone by sharing this information and keeping watch.



  • Note that there are companies that will process your visa or e-visa application, but may charge a bit more for this service than if you were to use the official government channels. This can also increase the risk of your information and credentials becoming exposed due to on-selling of the data to other companies, a data breach or insecure transfer of information from the company to the visa issuing agency.
  • Depending on the integrity of the organization and the rules governing data breaches in that country, you may not be advised if your data to be sacrificed .Protect Yourself from Visa Scams When Travelling: Here’s What You Should Know For some time now, people long to move from one location to another because of globalization that has made the world a small village, due to which traveling is no longer a problem as it used to be, whether internally or internationally.
  • People want to meet new people in different parts of the world or visit their relatives and friends after staying away for quite some time.But these days, there are more visa scams than ever before because many people are moving from their home countries to other ones where they do not know the rules very well.There are some people such as scammers who pretend they are willing to help you apply for a visa, but instead, they rob you blind through obtaining money from unsuspecting crows; hence making it impossible even for you to travel freely across any country’s borders. By learning what you need to avoid at all costs, you will be able to protect yourself from being cheated by such guys who Surge in Travel Visa Scams.
  • Fraudulent travel visa schemes have become more prevalent, victimizing persons who seek visas or e-visas for overseas travel. Quite frequently, such scams operate through counterfeit websites resembling government portals and prompting travelers to furnish personal details besides making superfluous payments. You can trust these scammers; their cons are so well-articulated that they can easily pass off as genuine sites by utilizing identical URLs along with diverse branding material such as logos that could easily be mistaken for official ones plus bogus help desk lines.



Despite increasing globalization and more people are now traveling worldwide, passion for preparing for trips has often been overshadowed by the proliferation of fake visa-travel companies hence ruining everything for innocent travelers especially those who need visas to reach their favorite destination countries. To ensure that your journey goes on without any hitch, it is important that people are able to recognize such frauds early enough and avoid them altogether.There has been a shift in terms of how immigrant scams are being committed which necessitates even more inhuman ways of clarifying the situation. Legitimate sites are challenging to distinguish from such fraudulent websites that seem very convincing.To trace back to them because they usually belong to different owners who operate anonymously. To add on this, payments made using unconventional methods have huge risks. The scammers trick people that this is the only way to make it quick since other normal payments may need several days to be processed and this will make the client lose the opportunity. Hence you will be able to reduce the chances of falling for tricks used by fraudsters who always try to rush you into making a decision. Always keep in mind that by being a little bit careful and getting prepared is the only way to go if you want to make sure that your journey is fun, stress-free as well as an enjoyable moment in life.Safe trips usually begin with cautious and informed preparation, therefore, be sure to take precautions for your protection and travel in tranquility.


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