Plan your visit to Uzbekistan and explore its diverse architecture, delicious food, serene beauty, historical sites, rich culture, activities, and spectacular shopping experience. Uzbekistan is an alluring country with various landscapes involving mountains and lakes. It is an international gateway to many travelers and adventure enthusiasts. In Central Asia, Uzbekistan is home to the ancient Silk Road and is famous for its UNESCO treasures. The country allows you to enter the region for tourism, business, work, and study-related. This article will provide sufficient information to help you plan your visa for Uzbekistan.

Indians need a visa to travel to Uzbekistan. A Uzbekistan visa will allow you to explore Uzbekistan’s territories for your visiting purposes. It is mandatory to acquire a visa before visiting the country.

Varied Types of Uzbekistan Visa

Apply for a significant type of visa depending on the reason for your visit. The purpose of visit can differ from person to person. Therefore, Uzbekistan offers various types of visas to accommodate different travel purposes.

      1. Tourist Visa

If you want to visit Uzbekistan for leisure purposes, then you need to apply for Uzbekistan tourist visa. It will permit you to stay in Uzbekistan for a short time. If you are planning to meet your friends or relatives there, a tourist visa is ideal for confirming your short stay.

      2. Business Visa

Indians willing to engage in business activities like attending conferences, negotiating contracts, and conducting meetings in Uzbekistan need a business visa. However, remember that the Uzbekistan business visa does not permit you to work in the country.

      3. Work Visa

Work visa for Uzbekistan enables Indians to explore employment opportunities and stay in the country under an Uzbekistan employer. It would help if you had a sponsorship or job offer from the Uzbekistan organization to apply for this visa. It is a perfect visa type for person seeking job opportunities in Uzbekistan.

      4. Student Visa

Indians who want to experience the rich educational culture and seize the professional opportunities in this country must apply for a student visa. Uzbekistan study visa allows Indians to pursue higher studies from Uzbekistan education institutes. To apply for this visa type, a letter of acceptance from Uzbekistan’s education institutes must be obtained to reduce the chances of rejection.

      5. Transit Visa

A Uzbekistan transit visa is a perfect fit if you are transiting through Uzbekistan to another destination. If you need it during your transiting procedure, you can reside in this region for a short period. It sanctions you a stay of 72 hours maximum in Uzbekistan.

Validity of Uzbekistan Visas

Different types of Uzbekistan visas have different validity levels. Hence, knowing the validity of the visa is necessary before choosing a suitable visa type.

For instance, a tourist visa is valid for three months and allows a maximum stay of 30 days. Similarly, a business visa is valid for three months and authorizes a maximum stay of 30 days. Hence, these are short-stay visas. Whereas work is valid for one year, and a student visa is valid for one year or till the duration of the course. A transit visa is valid only for 72 hours.

Eligibility Criteria for Uzbekistan Visa

Indians need to fulfill some requirements to be eligible to apply for a Uzbekistan visa. These requirements are as follows :

  • Applicant must own a valid Indian passport having a validity of six months after exceeding the validity of a Uzbekistan visa.
  • Sufficient funds to support the Uzbekistan trip.
  • A purpose of traveling to Uzbekistan must be valid and genuine
  • No trace of any criminal background. You must have a clear history to apply for a Uzbekistan visa.
  • Required documents for a Uzbekistan Visa

Irrespective of the traveling purpose of your Uzbekistan trip, it is essential to submit the required documents when applying for the Uzbekistan visa. The requirement of documents is subject to change as per your visa type.

Standard Documents Needed for Indians

  • Original Indian passport with six months validity after your departure date from Uzbekistan
  • Two blank pages are needed to stamp the visa.
  • Aptly filled and signed visa application form.
  • Two current passport-sized photos.

Below is the list of additional documents applicants must submit for the visa according to the type.

Documents needed for Tourist Visa

  • Flight itinerary proof confirming the round ticket.
  • Provide proof of funds to showcase that you can financially support yourself during your stay in Uzbekistan and bank statements for the last six months.
  • Proof of accommodation confirming your hotel bookings.
  • Day-wise travel itinerary.
  • Documents needed for Business Visa
  • Welcome letter from Uzbekistan’s organization.
  • A cover letter affirms your purpose for the visit and day-wise itinerary.
  • Flight itinerary
  • Evidence of your accommodation.
  • Updated financial statements to support your living in Uzbekistan

Documents Required for Work Visa

  • Bidding letter from the company in Uzbekistan.
  • A cover letter affirming your travel itinerary and the purpose of the visit is required.
  • Offer letter from the employer in Uzbekistan describing your job role and position in the company.
  • Current bank statement.
  • Documents Required for Student Visa
  • Accommodation proof.
  • Enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Uzbekistan.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Letter of enrolment for students from Uzbekistan’s educational institution.

Documents Required for Transit Visa

  • If applicable, the visa of the prior departure country
  • Copy of air tickets.
  • Cover letter affirming the purpose of transit in Uzbekistan.
  • Additional supporting documents communicating your transit plans.

Cost of Uzbekistan Visa for Indians

The cost of a Uzbekistan visa varies for different visa types.

  1. A tourist visa for Uzbekistan is valid for three months and costs Rs.1,665 for a single entry, for double entry Rs.2,900, and for multiple entries Rs.4,100.
  2. A business visa with a validity of three months costs Rs.1,665 for single entry, Rs.2,900 for double entry, and for multiple entry Rs.4,100.
  3. Work visa fees are Rs.10,200 and valid for one year.
  4. A study visa valid for one year or till the duration of the course costs Rs.6,900.
  5. A transit visa with a validity of 72 hours costs Rs.1,900.

Application procedure for an Uzbekistan Visa from India

You can apply for a Uzbekistan visa online before visiting this country. To apply for an e-visa, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official website of the e-visa portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. Click ‘Application for e-visa’.
  3. Fill in the details correctly, such as visa entry, citizen, document, and visit purpose.
  4. Select your arrival and departure date and fill out the complete form.
  5. Upload the documents such as passport, photos, etc.
  6. Deposit the visa fee and download the receipt.
  7. Submit the visa application form and wait for the acceptance.

Officials will send you an email confirming the visa approval. You can also check the status of your visa on the same website. To check the status, you must enter your application ID in the application form.

How long is the visa processing time in India?

The processing time for a Uzbekistan visa is normally 5-10 working days after submitting your visa application form. Depending on the authorities’ workload and the visa type you applied for, the processing time for a Uzbekistan visa can vary. Therefore, applying for a Uzbekistan visa at least 15-20 days before you start planning your Uzbekistan trip is advisable.

What caused the refusal of Uzbekistan Visa?

In certain circumstances, your visa might be rejected. So read ahead and avoid the reasons that can lead to the refusal of your Uzbekistan visa.

  • False or incorrect information is provided in your application form.
  • Invalid details may lead to the refusal of your Uzbekistan visa.
  • Uploading the incorrect document may lead to the rejection of your Uzbekistan visa.
  • Any criminal background might lead to the cancellation of your visa application.


What should you do after the refusal of your Uzbekistan visa?

  • If your Uzbekistan visa gets refused, do not panic. You can correct your mistakes and re-apply.
  • Know the reason for your visa rejection from the Uzbekistan visa authorities.
  • You can re-apply for a Uzbekistan visa once you rectified the mistakes.
  • Re-apply for the Uzbekistan visa and give the correct information and details.
  • Remember to cross-check the information after you fill out the application form.
  • Make sure all the documents are clear so that authorities accept your application.


Useful tips regarding the Uzbekistan visa

  1. Decide the ideal visa type that is suitable according to your travel purpose.
  2. Complete the application form accurately with the appropriate information and upload the required documents.
  3. Double–check the details and documents to avoid delay or rejection issues.
  4. When traveling to Uzbekistan, keep your documents at hand.
  5. Airport officials might ask for the original documents if you have submitted copies of them.
  6. If you booked your hotel and transport in Uzbekistan, a visa rejection could result in losses. Travel insurance is compulsory to avoid unforeseen situations like this, as it covers the loss.
  7. For any queries and problems related to your visa, you can contact the Uzbekistan embassy in New Delhi.


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