Planning for a trip always seems to be thrilling, but the prelude to that adventure may sometimes feel like navigating a maze. Especially for an Indian lack of authentic knowledge sources and fear of being cheated is the most challenging part of a journey towards your dream city. And when you are traveling to Vietnam, a visa from this country often adds an extra layer of complexity. In this blog, we will learn about the most commonly asked Visa – Vietnam Visa on arrival, your key to unlocking the beauty of this Southeast Asian country. People who are traveling for the first time or have already visited Vietnam will find this blog insightful, as we will be covering all the updated details.

Do Indians need a Visa for Vietnam?

Before you pack your bags, here’s the key insight: Indian citizens need a visa for their Vietnamese adventure, be it for tourism, business, or visiting loved ones. You can enter Vietnam with an e-visa- a hassle-free online option granting a 30-day stay for tourism.

With various visa types available, tailored to your specific journey, here we will focus majorly on Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians.

Eligibility for the Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians

Getting the documents ready before you visit any country or apply for a pass for the same is crucial. This ensures your eligibility for visa approval and helps you in preparing more. Here is the list you must go through :

     1. Valid Passport:

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival in Vietnam.
  • Keep at least 1 blank page in your passport.

     2. Vietnam Visa Application Form:

  • Fill out the Vietnam visa application form.

     3. Visa Approval Letter:

  • Get that golden ticket – the printed visa approval letter.

     4. Passport Photos:

  • Two passport-sized photos (4×6 cm).

     5. Proof of Accommodation:

  • A document confirming where you’ll be staying.

     6. Flight Tickets:

  • Have your flight tickets ready.

     7. Travel Insurance:

  • Ensure you have travel insurance.


Choosing the correct Vietnam Visa on arrival

Getting your Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA) as an Indian citizen is a breeze, and it won’t take much of your time. It’s not just a convenient way; it’s the standard, legal path to step into the Vietnamese zone, and you must have it once you land at the Vietnam International Airport.

It’s not only simple but also budget-friendly, making it an ideal option for your Vietnam visit. There’s a slight catch: it’s only for those flying into Da Nang, Hanoi, or Minh. The VOA comes in four types:

  1. Single Entry 1-month Visa
  2. Single Entry 3-months Visa
  3. Multiple Entry 1-month Visas
  4. Multiple Entry 3-months Visas

Choosing your visa type depends on how many times you plan to visit Vietnam, but here’s the thing—the fees vary. So, pick the one that suits your travel style, and you’re all set for an affordable and straightforward entry into the beauty of Vietnam.

Apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival.

You can apply for a Visa on arrival in two different ways: either you can reach out to a travel and tourism agent, or you can do it on your own. We will cover both ways to make your Vietnam trip easy.

Going through an agent

Step 1: Find an Agent

Start by picking a visa agent or tour agency in Vietnam. Look online for options.

Step 2: Share Your Details

Once you’ve chosen an agency, send them scanned copies of your passport. Some might ask you to fill out an online form with basic info like your name, passport number, birthdate, nationality, gender, and when you’re arriving.

Step 3: Pay Up

After providing your info, pay the service fees. The cost can vary, depending on the agency.

Step 4: Get Your Letter

Be patient. Depending on how fast you want it, you’ll get your approval letter in 1-3 working days via email in PDF format. One last thing – print it out! This printout is your ticket to getting a Vietnam on-arrival visa for Indians.

Just remember: Sort out that approval letter before you head to Vietnam. You’ll handle the VOA at the airport after you land.

Applying on your own

Step 1: Download the Form

Head over to the official Vietnam government website and download the form for visa application.

Step 2: Fill it Right

Complete the form with your details – name, birthdate, passport number, nationality, arrival date, and visa type. Double check with your passport data to match exactly.

Step 3: Pay the Fee

Time to handle the processing fee. Once paid, expect your approval letter in your email within 1 hour to 2 business days, depending on the processing time you choose.

Step 4: Print and Prepare

Your approval letter arrives with the visa application form. Print both. Fill out the form with accurate details. Get two passport-sized photos (4 × 6 cm) ready. Don’t forget to bring some cash for the stamp fee.

Step 5: The Letter’s Journey

A copy of your approval letter goes to all Vietnam Immigration Checkpoints at airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang.

Step 6: Pack and Go

Keep your documents safe – passport, approval letter, photos, stamping fee, and the filled application form. You’ll need to show these to the immigration officer when you land in Vietnam.

And there you have it, your hassle-free guide to getting your Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa on arrival expenses

Let’s break down the costs for your Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA):

Stamping Fee:

  • Single Entry Visa: USD 25 (approximately ₹2,058)
  • Multiple Entry Visa: USD 50 (approximately ₹4,116.43)

These fees are payable in cash, either in Vietnam dong or US dollars, at the airport. Important note: no credit or debit cards are accepted.

Now, here’s the drill – you pay for the visa approval letter separately. The total fees will vary depending on the service you choose.

Remember, you’re shelling out twice – once for that approval letter and then for your on-arrival Visa in Vietnam.

So, have your cash in hand, and you’re all set for a smooth entry into the beauty of Vietnam!

Validity of Visa On Arrival in Vietnam

When it comes to Visa On Arrival (VOA) in Vietnam, there are two types, as we have already discussed above. Here are more details :

  1. Single Entry Visa :
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Usage: Allows you to enter Vietnam once.
  • Start Date: Begins on the date of your arrival in Vietnam.


  1. Multiple Entry Visa :
  • Validity: 3 months
  • Usage: Grants the flexibility to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times during these 3 months.
  • Start Date: The clock starts ticking from your arrival date in Vietnam.

So, if you’re opting for a single entry, you’ve got a month to soak in the sights. If you’re going for the multiple-entry option, you have three months to explore and revisit the charm of Vietnam.

Mistakes to avoid visa rejection

While the Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) provides a convenient option for on-the-spot visa application at designated entry points, it’s crucial to be aware that approval isn’t guaranteed. Here are potential reasons your VOA could be denied :

  1. Incomplete or Inaccurate Documentation :
  • Your application must be spot-on. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation, like missing papers or wrong information, could lead to a denial.
  1. Failure to Meet Eligibility Requirements :
  • Meeting specific criteria is key. If you fall short on requirements such as a valid passport, ample funds, or a clear purpose for your visit, your application might face rejection.
  1. Security or Immigration Concerns :
  • The final call rests with the immigration officer. If they have genuine security concerns or suspicions about your intentions, immigration history, or potential risks, your VOA may be denied.

It’s essential to double-check your documents, ensure eligibility, and approach the process with transparency to increase the likelihood of a smooth VOA experience.


Now that you have all the details about the Vietnam visa, please plan your travel in a way to make it full of experiences. However, exploring the process may have seemed like an uphill climb, but with the Visa on arrival option, the view from the summit is undeniably breathtaking. So, pack your bags and let the enchanting landscapes of Vietnam be your canvas of unforgettable memories. The journey begins with a visa, but the adventure truly starts when you step onto the vibrant streets of Vietnam, ready to create your narrative of exploration and discovery.


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