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Visa information for Bouvet Island

Most national residents need a passport and a visa to travel to Bouvet Island, whether for business or pleasure.    

Bouvet Island Visa Information

Processing time 10 to 15 days

Starting from ₹9,999/-


Type of Bouvet Island Visas

Single Entry Visitor Visa

Processing time: 10-15 days

Validity: 3 months

Entry: Single

Fees: INR 9,999/-

Ideal for: Indian citizens with passports who want to access Bouvet Island for leisure, work, brief visits, etc.


Multiple Entry Visitor Visa

Processing time: 10-15 days

Stay period: 30 days

Validity: Up to 1 year

Entry: Multiple

Fees: INR 11,599/-

Ideal for: Indian citizens with passports who want to travel to Bouvet Island for leisure, work, quick trips, etc.

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The Requirements to apply for Bouvet Island Visa are as follows:

British High Commission issues both single-entry and multiple-entry visas to Indian nationals. Compared to a single-entry visa, which is only suitable for three months, multiple-entry visas are valid for three months, six months, a year, and three years.


The kind of entry that is permitted must be carefully recorded. For example, a single-entry passport only permits its holder to enter and leave Bouvet Island once instead of multiple entries, which would permit several entries.

The earliest deadline to apply is three months before the anticipated departure date for the trip to Bouvet Island. To provide ample time for processing, it is suggested that all visa applications be submitted at least two weeks before travel.

To submit your fingerprints and complete your immigration application for a Bouvet Island visa, a planned meeting is necessary.

A scheduled appointment is required to submit your immigration documents and present your biometrics for a Bouvet Island visa.

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