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Currently, we are not providing visa services to this country.

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The Requirements to apply for Gabon Visa are as follows:

Yes. However, Indian nationals are exempt from the pre-application requirement for a Gabon visa. When they arrive, they can obtain a 90-day visa for Gabon. The duration of airport-issued visas is just one entrance.

Indians are unlikely to be turned down. However, the documents mentioned earlier are required to enter the country. Your visa might be rejected if you can’t provide any of the necessary documentation, which would prevent you from entering the country. The immigration staff at the airport in Gabon has the last say on whether to award entrance permission.

The typical wait time to complete all processes and obtain a visa upon arrival is about 20 minutes. The timing may change, though, based on when people are traveling the most.

When entering the nation, you must show a Yellow Fever International Health Certificate to prove you received the yellow fever vaccination. Yes, the embassy will stamp the original passport with the visa. Therefore, the passport must have two blank pages. Your passport must also be valid for at least six months following the desired stay.

Applicants are highly encouraged to get travel insurance to protect their vacation in the case of unforeseen circumstances like medical problems, aircraft cancellations, luggage delay or loss, etc.

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