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Currently, we are not providing visa services to this country.

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The Requirements to apply for Guinea-Bissau Visa are as follows:

To enter Guinea-Bissau, Indian people must get a visa. Visa applications for Guinea Bissau can be made in person at the airport or online through us.

A short-stay visa with only one entry is available for up to 30 days. Depending on the sort of visit and length of stay, there are also several entrance visa choices to pick from. Indian nationals may request a long-stay or 90-day visa with multiple entries if they often visit Guinea Bissau.

The type of admission that is allowed must be carefully considered. For example, the bearer of a visa with a single entrance restriction may only enter and exit Guadeloupe once; however, a visa with multiple entry restrictions may permit repeated entries and exits.

The immigration staff at the airport serving Guinea-Bissau has the last say on whether to grant entrance permission.

The typical time to complete all processes and obtain a visa upon arrival is 30 minutes. The timing may change, though, based on when people are traveling the most.

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