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Visa Information

Visa information

Indians can utilize their valid Australian visa to visit Norfolk Island, as it falls under the Australian migration jurisdiction.

Types of visas

Tourist Visa

  • Processing time: 20-25 days
  • Stay period: Up to 90 days
  • Validity: Up to 1 year
  • Entry: Single/Multiple
  • Fees: INR 12,999 /-

Business Visa

  • Processing time: 20-25 days
  • Stay period: Up to 90 days
  • Validity: Up to 1 year
  • Entry: Single/Multiple
  • Fees: INR 12,999 /-
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The Requirements to apply for Norfolk Island Visa are as follows:

Indians are advised to apply for Norfolk visa in advance but not earlier than 90 days before the travel date. The Australian High Commission recommends using it at least three weeks before your travel date.

A valid Australian visa allows travelers to visit Norfolk Island. However, since Norfolk Island is an external territory of Australia, it falls under the Australian migration jurisdiction.

If a medical and x-ray examination is required, the New Delhi visa office will notify you after your Norfolk visa application is lodged.

You won’t need a stamp because the Norfolk Island visa is electronically linked to your passport number.

Indians may be allowed to stay for a maximum of three months for each visit in one year.

Document Checklist

Passport: Ensure you have valid access that will remain valid for your stay on Norfolk Island.

Valid Norfolk Visa: Check the visa requirements and apply in advance.

Confirmed return Ticket: Ensure you have a confirmed return ticket that shows your departure from Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island Currency and other forms of forex.

An unlocked smartphone, preferably with a Sim card from India

Climate-appropriate Clothing: Norfolk Island has a mild and temperate climate. Pack clothing suitable for the season of your visit.

Currency and Finances: Familiarize yourself with the money used on Norfolk Island and ensure you have sufficient funds for your stay.

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